Digitalization and Student Community: An Overview of Detribalization Syndrome

Conventional learning process depends much on teacher-student interaction based on curriculum and study materials. The introduction of digitalization in Universities reduced the importance of personal interaction in the learning process. It is believed that gender difference is also a strong factor which impinges upon the media habit of people. This paper tries to uncover the influence of gender difference on the detribalization syndrome of the student community of a digitalized university. The empirical part of the study was conducted in the University of Calicut. Personal interviews of 80 Post Graduate students, randomly selected from the University formed the sample of the study. The interviews enquired into the nature and extent of detribalization syndrome generated by the new media in the student community of the University, the virtual social reality experienced by the student community, the pattern of teacher- student relationship followed and the influence of online relations on campus friendship. The study reveals that the detribalization behaviour is shown by both genders. However, males have a slight edge over their female counter parts, which were found to be due to the cautious approach of the females in interacting with the virtual social reality.

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