Sources of Foreign News and Salience of Countries in Indian Newspapers in New Millennium

When the debates on international news flow controversies and NWICO reigned in UNESCO in the 1970s, researches had examined various facets of foreign news content in newspapers of different countries. A couple of studies had found a decrease in the dependency of Indian newspapers on the transnational new agencies (TNNAs) for foreign news in the 1980s as compared to 1970s. In those decades, the contribution of the Indian news agencies and the correspondents of Indian newspapers was lower than that of the TNNAs. The most dominant countries in the news spectrum of India dailies in the 1970s and 1980s were the US, UK and Pakistan. Since then, have changes manifested in the dependence of Indian newspapers on TNNAs and in the salience of countries? This study provides answers to these questions by comparing the foreign news content in four prominent Indian newspapers in 1986, and 2016. Briefly, in 2016, the TNNAs were no longer the principal source of foreign news and the salience of the US, UK and Pakistan had remained unaffected in the new Millennium.

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