Teenagers and Facebook: A Content Analysis of Status Updates

There is always a conflict between peers and parents in the case of the adolescents. Psychologists are of the opinion that usually adolescents go for peers when it comes to the case of a choice. Social Media play a very significant role in the lives of teenagers today. Twitter, blogs and Facebook are ways they find to keep in touch with their loved ones and to make new friends. This is done through messages, scraps and frequent status updates. This study aims at finding out who take the top spot - friends or families - in their priorities related to status updates. It also analyzes the content of the posts made by the teenagers. How much they talk about their parents or family members? How much they interact with their family members through Facebook? The study was conducted using a content analysis method, in which the Facebook status updates of 30 teenagers were analyzed for the months of October 2011 to January 2012.

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