Womanhood Portrayal in Contemporary Malayalam Cinema: A Study Based on the Film, ‘Mayaanadhi’

Malayalam film industry is known for its artistic value emerged from the realistic portrayal of lives. Even while being praised for its innovative storytelling tradition, the industry widely used to be criticized for misrepresenting, underrepresenting and stereotyping women and other sexual minorities (Guy, 2009). This tendency was observed to be the byproduct of commercialization and the rise of star culture in the industry. But much research point out to a tendency in Malayalam cinema making up for their mistakes for the past few decades (Johnson, 2016). These studies observe that the Malayalam cinema industry is transforming its narrative styles to get more inclusive of the question of gender in the narration. In the light of these observations, this research paper intends to conduct a narrative analysis of the 2017 Malayalam movie ‘Mayaanadhi’ for its creation and execution of gender and gender roles.

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